Dedicated to reconstructing elder worldviews and sustaining right relationships between our community and the Holy Ones.

Œþelland is a Houston, Texas based religious organization, dedicated to the study and revival of an ancient Germanic worldview and folkway. We are Þéodisc, and by this we mean that we are a folk who have come together to reconstruct Germanic tribalism. In doing so, we seek to regain that Germanic concept of *Hailagaz, a concept of “whole holiness” that was lost to us with the coming of Christianity, and which is wedged further from us in modern society.

In our approach we use elder languages, such as reconstructed Proto-Germanic and Old English, as our liturgical tongues. We also use elder titles and run orders such as priest, esoteric, and warrior gilds. Þéodisc Geléafa (Anglo-Saxon) is perhaps the most orthodox of the approaches to Germanic Heathenry.

Our approach is not for everyone, as we base our social structure on those found among the ancient Germanic peoples. This structure is highly hierarchical, though it is merit driven as opposed to caste driven.

Here are some things to ask yourself:

Do you believe in the strength of family?

Do you believe in the strength of a community to pull together for a
greater purpose, while not losing your individuality?

Do you believe that some people make better leaders than others? Could you
handle being one of those people? Could you handle NOT being one of those people?

Do you believe that the Holy and rituals surrounding the Holy should be
taken seriously and be filled with meaning?

Are you a Gods- and community-centered person?

If you answered “yes” or “likely” to most of these questions, then Þéodish Belief might just be for you.